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Generating Station
Project: Trent University Hydro Generating Station, Peterborough, Ontario

Hydro Electric Generating Stations Inspection & Maintenance
Generating station inspections and maintenance Generating Station Trash Rack
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance / Repairs
  • Trash Rack Refurbishing

Underwater Surveying & Video Inspections:
  • Dive Van and Equipment
  • Video Desk and Live Underwater Video System
  • Superlite 17B Helmets
Dive van and video equipment
Underwater inspections and surveying top left images:
Trailered Work Boats
Project: Bridge Inspection and Surveying

left lower image:
Project: Underwater Video Inspection of Gravel Dock Slippage and Failure
Location: Courtwright, Ontario

Project: Bell Cable Inspection
and Repairs
Cable inspections and repair

Submerged Aircraft Inspection & Recoveries
Recovery of Submerged Lake Amphibian
Aircraft recovery
"I guess they need more practice on their landings!"
Aircraft recovery
Recovery of aircraft fuselage and engine

Underwater Welding & Cutting
Location: Otonabee River, Trent Severn Waterways
Underwater welding and cutting Underwater Welding

Insurance Companies Inspections & Recoveries
Car recovery - Peterborough
Car Recovery - Hunter St. bridge, Peterborough, Ontario
Snowmobile recovery with sonar
  • bottom left & upper right image: Submerged Snowmobile Recovery on Pigeon Lake, Trent-Severn Waterways.
  • Conditions: water temp: 34oF, depth 22 ft.
  • upper left: hoisting of snowmobile with Work Boat Bow Crane.
  • bottom right: Sonar Record of submerged snowmobile on bottom of Little Bald Lake, Trent Severn Waterways
  • Recovery of 46 ft. House Boat over-turned by High Winds, Pigeon Lake, Trent-Severn Waterways
  • Recovery of Submerged Cruise Boat, Stoney Lake, Trent-Severn Waterways
Boat recoveries
Submerged Vehicle Recovery for Insurance Companies:
Recovery of Submerged Vehicles Dodge Ram Charger:
  • Lock #21 Trent-Severn Waterways, Peterborough
  • Conditions: surface -25oF, underwater 28oF
  • River water flow 4,000 cu. ft./sec.

  • Tracker
  • Conditions: 34oF, river flow 4000 cu. ft./sec.
  • Location: Lakefield, Trent-Severn Waterway
    • Project: Recovery of 3/4 yd. Crawler Back hoe in Swamp working on Trans Canada Fiber Optics Cable Project.

      Conditions: -25oF, 8 ft. of loose mud on frozen marsh.

    Recovery of 3/4 yd. Crawler Backhoe
    Diver locating and recovering rock boring head Project: Diver locating and recovering 30 inch Rock Boring Head broken off in 150 ft. pipeline, Brantford, Ontario.

    Conditions: Diver penetrated 150 ft. x 28 inch, 16 degree slope downward, Pipeline filled with water.

    Mobile Propeller Service for Boaters and Marinas
    Mobile Propeller Service for Boaters and Marinas Mobile Propeller Service for Boaters and Marinas

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